Wet ‘n Wacky Wednesday is the craziest day of the summer at Beulah Beach! Churches from all over the area bring kids to Beulah Beach for incredible activities, fun worship, a challenging message, and an amazing experience. Kids rotate from one station to another as a group so they get to experience everything Beulah Beach has to offer!

FOR KIDS ONLY: Ooo ahh! You get to do…everything! Everybody who comes to Wet & Wacky Wednesday gets a free gift! Also included in the day is: lunch & supper, a dunk tank, cool water games, swimming, canoeing, big blow-up toys, paddle boating, a way fun service, the huge big giant Yuck! slides, and much, much more! Come out and have a blast with us on this day! Every kid knows this is the summer event you don't wanna miss!

FOR PARENTS ONLY: While Wet & Wacky Wednesday is packed with many opportunities for physical, mental and spiritual growth, we want to assure you that your child's safety is important to us, and we take measures to ensure that safety. They will have a great day of fun and excitement while coming home knowing more about God.

REGISTRATION: Register your church group for Wet & Wacky Wednesday by contacting Beth Falkenberg at bfalkenberg@thefreshwater.church with the number of participants attending by June 22, 2018. We recommend 1 adult chaperone for every 8 children. For safety issues children are not permitted to be dropped off or attend the event without an adult chaperone. Please contact us for more information.

WWW Info

June 27, 2018

Ages: 8-12
Cost: $22*
Cost for Adults: $15*

* Registration must be prior to
event; payment due upon arrival