Plants & Earth Study

Soil - While trying to solve a clever mystery story, students will gather several types of soil like sand, loam, clay, mud, and gravel. Through the process of experimentation, they will learn about the different properties of soil and how each one is used. Hopefully, the mystery will be solved at the end of class.

Trees- Students will learn how to identify various types of trees by their distinct leaf patterns and different barks. They will also learn how to guess the age of living trees by counting rings on stumps. Classes will have an opportunity to make leaf and bark rubbings (patterns) which can be taken back to the classroom and displayed.  

Wetlands-Boots and magnifying glasses are required for this class! Students will venture out into our lagoon to study the animals and plants, which compose this unique ecosystem. While studying our lagoon area, students will have the opportunity to see many interesting things including an endangered plant, goose nesting areas and possibly the mating rituals of carp. Come prepared to discover and be amazed at the many mysteries of the wetlands.

Language Arts & History

 Students will learn about the many shipwrecks of the Great Lakes with a special focus on Lake Erie through various story readings and miniature shipbuilding.

Cooperative Activities

Through various activities and challenges students will learn to work together and cooperate in order to accomplish given tasks. One of our facilitators will guide your students in these activities. This is a fun and unique way to help introduce your students to relating in communication, cooperation, humility, and putting others needs before their own.

Exploratory Science

Newtons Laws- Sir Isaac Newton discovered and wrote three sets of laws about the way things move and interact with one another. Activities such as rolling down a hill, canoeing, paddleball, hill soccer, among others will help students gain a better understanding of Newton's Laws.

Orienteering- After learning the basic features of a map and compass along with their proper uses, students will be sent out on a short hike to demonstrate their recently acquired skills. Along the way students will find clues to help them understand the importance of maps & compasses!

Wind, Weather, & Kites- Wind meter reading and kite flying will help students learn about weather patterns, wind strength and how weather affects our daily lives. Students will discover many ways in which the wind can be a representation of nature.

Fire Building- Students will be taught how to construct and light various types of fires along with safety precautions and the proper techniques for extinguishing fires. in this class students will be given the opportunity to enjoy a snack cooked over their fire when finished.

Animal Study

Birds- With binoculars in hand, students will venture to identify various birds at the beach, in the wetlands, and in the woods. We may even spot the eagle and the hawk who nest nearby. Students will learn about different classes of birds and what |special features help make birds unique. Along the way, students may gather materials that birds use to build their nest and then use their own hands to weave all their materials into a nest- which can proudly be displayed in the classroom.

Tracking & Nature Hike- Students will find and identify various tracks on a two-mile hike through the woods, as well as studying animal habitats, ecosystems, and the trophic pyramid and predator/prey relationships. The class will primarily focus on different types of animals found at Beulah Beach and how they interact/relate to one another. Students will be taught about deer, raccoons, |squirrels, chipmunks, and eastern cotton tail rabbits.