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Beulah Beach is where I gave my life to Christ my first year at camp. I was 12 and I saw Jesus through the ministry, music, activities, but mostly through the kids my age. I wanted what they had and I found it in the out door chapel.
Years later my husband and I took our youth kids to Cedar Point. We got there way early and it was raining. I asked my husband if we could go see Bulah Beach. I wanted to show the teens where I met the Lord. I told them it would stop raining by the time we got back as I had connections with the weather man.

I got out of the van and stood in the rain looking at that wonderful old Hotel which hadn't changed except for a face lift. So grateful for that. Saw the beach, the cafeteria, snack bar, the chapel. Just a flood of wonderful memories and faces came back to me on the spot and tears of joy and my teens were crying tears of joy for me as I'd told them my testimony. I walked inside the Hotel and in my mind I could see my friends, the nurse, the staff.
Bulah Beach to me will always me Paradise, no Heaven on Earth. There is no place in the entire world like Bulah Beach. The friends, the memories I have are so precious to me.
I love your Bell Ringer stories and would love to read more and more.

Joan Wagner (Pete) as we lovingly called her was my counselor. Thank you for her phone number. I called her and we had the most wonderful conversation. However, I sent her a letter and it was returned. In the letter, I gave her my testimony and told her what happened to me after I returned home from camp that summer. I'm going to call her again and see if I can get an updated address. She told me that the year I was there, was the only years she was there. God is so amazing. There was a girl I met when I first went to camp, her name was Roxy and she was so beaming, sheer happiness. They told me she had lost her entire family in an auto accident just 3 months before. I thought, then why is she so happy? I'd be destroyed if that happened to me. I watched her all week long. One day we played a game in the upstairs lobby of the hotel. There were about 20 of us. We decided to play the Happiness Is game. We sat in a circle and go around the circle taking turns telling a line of what happiness is to us. Started out silly things but then Roxy said, "Happiness is having Jesus in my Heart!" Next time she said, " Happiness is knowing that one day I'll see my family again in Heaven." WHoo! I never heard anyone my age talk like that like Jesus and Heaven were really real.
I didn't get that, thought they were faily tails.

But I got it that week. They played "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" and I walked forward (my friends were crying, had no idea why) Pete was there and led me to the Lord. Wow! Walking up the hill, everything was the same, but I wasn't, I was a child of God and Jesus was in my heart. I felt like a new person! My sins were forgiven and cast into the sea. When I got home, I shared all this with my mom and I'll always remember the twinkle in her eye. My dad died when I was 2 1/2. Three months later I was told my mom (my world) had cancer. It took her too soon. That day I watched them take her out on the stretcher. I turned and looked out a window, everything was the same but not for me. I felt dizzy and saw a vision (maybe I passed out) saw a tornado like the Wizzard of Oz, saw the witch, the house, then saw Roxy and I remebered what she said, "I'll see my family again in Heaven!" saw Pete, my best friend Terri, the boy I had a crush on Mark, other friends, Rev. Dean Corsey, Rev. Charley Kauffman and others, the Hotel. Then I knew I wasn't alone and that my Father God would always be with me. I was flooded with letters from my camp friends and ministers. They will never know how much those letters meant to me. Mark gave me the verse Romans 8:28. I was so hungry for more and more letters and verses and I couldn't wait to go to camp. I went to every summer camp and winter camp at Camp Tamerack in Flint, Mich. till I graduated. I even passed up drivers training one year as it interfeared with camp!

I would love to share this story on your bell ringers. Bulah Beach changed my life forever! I'm so happy you are still there. I'm 59 now and recently found some old friends on Facebook from Beulah Beach. I would love to tell Roxy how she influenced my life but I don't know her last name. I was wondering if you have any name and addresses of the following people. I've lost track and would like to get in touch with them. Mark and Doug Harbason from Detroit area, John Scott, Madison Hts. Muskegon, Mi. Madilon Corwin of Ohio, Terry Saponai, Olmstead Falls, Ohio. Rick Bolt, Ohio. I lost all my camp photo's in a house fire which was so hard for me. So glad I found this site. Would love to see any photo's you may have from 1963-1970.

Thank you so much! Love this ministry. May God richly bless this camp. It has changed many lives. In His Loving Grip,
Millie (Hansen) Johnson
Sturgis Missionary Church back then

24 years ago Fresh Image Women's Retreat moved to Beulah Beach, my best friend and sister-in-law invited me and I certainly needed God to help me change what I had created in my life! 24 years ago "HE" met me on the "Holy Grounds" of Beulah Beach, loved me, allowed me to feel "HIS" presence and accept the forgiveness and path that was created for me. 24 years later I am the coordinator of Fresh Image Retreat and blessed to have Prayer Table (Committee meetings) in my home, blessed to be excited and in love with my life and all that is laid out for me. I praise God for Beulah Beach, the staff, the prayers, the bell, "HIS" presence and the lives that have been changed and renewed at "Our Slumber Party with God." Thanks to you and all of the faithful staff - the bell continues to ring, one day at a time, one year at a time. Join us the 3rd week of October to praise, fellowship, love and refresh your image of Jesus Christ =)

Suzan Davie


My first term in New Guinea started in 1957. During my first furlough I cam to Beulah Beach. I had been influence by a senior missionary who was a mother figure to me. She was very critical of everyone and eveything and that attribute had rubbed off on me. God spoke to my heart at that meeting and told me I could continue with a critical attitude or I could try to be Christ-like. I went to the altar that day and it was the first time when the Holy Spirit truly came into my life and changed me!  ... Read More

Mary Burne

In 1973 I went to Beulah Beach Teen Camp with low expectations. I was a smart mouthed, know-it-all punk brat that was on that wide path to destruction. On a Wednesday night, Rev. Joe Schultz, a ventriloquist, and his dummy preached the crucifixion message. During that message Jesus got a hold of me and never let go. God Bless Joe Schultz who passed away just a few years ago. Jesus cleaned up my mouth, my mind and gave me a new spirit.

Today I try to faithfully serve the Lord in everything I do. In 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer that our Lord faithfully brought me through. In late 2013 the cancer came back stage 4 in my bones and lymph nodes. My last scans show that I am stable with nothing getting larger or anything new. Jesus has put me through this baptism of fire because he wants to mold me and use me for His kingdom.

In all that's happened to me, 7 surgeries, 5 different chemo therapies, 2 regimens of radiation and countless drugs and their interactions, I am truly truly blessed to be numbered as one of Jesus' people.

Beulah Beach is special to me. My son and daughter went there. Beulah Beach is a great avenue for youth to hear the truth about what the Bible says about Jesus and born-again salvation.

May God bless the many Christians that make Beulah Beach what it is.

Rick Hayek

Last year I went to Edge Camp. I was the only one in my group who hadn't asked Jesus into my heart yet. I was nervous to go up alone and I wasn't sure if I was ready. Two days before I rang the bell I thought about what God meant to me.I remebered how God was their when my sister got out of the hospital for depression and to this day I believe he is the reason I get to see my sister smile. Before Beulah Beach I never really realized how much God truly cares about me. After the Cross Walk I knew I was ready. My friends Rebecca, Makenna, and Allison had already accepted Jesus into their hearts a while ago but they agreed to renew for themselves and to support me in this big decision. As we walked down the hill to the cross I saw people gather down at the bottom and I knew that the things I had done in the past didn't matter. Instead of looking at my feet I looked at the sky. I didn't blink away the tears. When it came time to say the prayer I knew I had done the right thing. That was the first time I had ever prayed that hard. God forgave me for the things I had done and for the unkind words I've said. After we finished the prayer we went to ring the bell. My tears had dried and I was ready to celebrate Jesus and the many other who were "Found". The light from the flash lights reflected off the bell as it swung back and fourth ringing with joy and celebration. Beulah Beach was the first place I felt like I belonged. I still sin but when I do I know that God will forgive me. I live for God.

Kristin Kawecki 12

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