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  • Lakefront
    • Swimming - If you’re coming to Beulah Beach then it’s a must to take a dip in Lake Erie. Our daily maintained/groomed beach provides both spectacular views and refreshing swims. Swim lines are present to ensure safety, as well as lifeguards to keep guests safe. Also enjoy other beach activities such as building sandcastles and playing beach volleyball!
    • Jet Skis - There aren’t many activities more enjoyable than ripping around on the waters of Lake Erie on a jet ski. An awesome summer-time activity, Beulah Beach will train your drivers (18 or older) and then let you hit the water. Not quite ready to drive yourself? No problem, Beulah Beach is happy to provide the drivers for guest groups who just want to take rides on the back. You’ll have an amazing time getting wet and exploring the open sea! - $
    • Boat - Whether you’re looking to just take a spin around the lake, have some fun tubing, or learn how to wakeboard, ski, or kneeboard, Beulah Beach has the boats! We sit right on beautiful Lake Erie and like to take advantage of the water. Boats are an absolute blast for people of all ages and Beulah staff is ready to train people of all ages in the watersport of their choice. - $
    • Canoes and Paddleboats - In addition to the beautiful water of Lake Erie, Beulah Beach also has a wonderful lagoon and stream that guests can canoe, paddleboat, or kayak on! Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and water, taking the time to paddle around the lagoon is a must. Safety is top priority, so all riders will be provided with lifejackets too!
  • Giant Swing - One of our most popular activities, the Giant Swing will take the rider 40 feet into the air and send them on a swinging ride unlike any other! A trained facilitator harnesses in the rider on the ground, and then upon the facilitators signal, the rest of the group pulls a rope that suspends the rider higher and higher into the air. Once ready, the rider releases a rope and goes on the ride of a lifetime, back and forth over Lake Erie! Don’t miss out, this is a must!- $
  • The ROCK - Our climbing wall “The Rock” will provide a challenge for guests of all ages. This three-sided, mobile, auto-belayed, rockwall proves to be an amazing experience time and time again for our guests. Measuring 26 feet tall, guests are harnessed in and challenged to ring the bell at the top. Our trained facilitators will make sure safety is held top priority while you push yourself to new limits! - $
  • Bonfire - Not much can beat the relaxing atmosphere of a bonfire at the end of a day. Beulah Beach offers it’s guests several bonfire pits throughout the property, with most located directly on the water of Lake Erie. Beulah staff is happy to even build and light the fire for you!
  • Hayride - Hayrides are a great opportunity to take advantage of the scenery in the forest and include your entire group in one activity. Our trained drivers will take you on an easygoing ride throughout our property while you enjoy fellowship with one another. We are able to fit as many as 150 people on one hayride, please allow one hour per ride. - $
  • Playground - We offer one of the biggest playgrouds you'll ever lay your eyes on, perfect for kids looking to have some fun! With slides, monkey bars, swings, tire-swing, chutes, ladders, and more you will see the young-ones busy for hours!  
  • Nature Trails - In addition to the beautiful lakefront property at Beulah Beach, we are also pleased to offer our guests many acres of wooded property with well cut out trails. These trails are excellent for activities like Capture the Flag and M&M Wars, but also provide a peaceful setting for prayer walks and exercise. Worried about getting lost? We’ll be happy to provide you with an easy to read trail map to guide your way.
  • Paintball - $
  • Bicycles - Available for use are 10 shiny cruiser bikes. These well maintained bikes are ready to be cruised around the beach by any of our guests. Come to the front desk and we’ll get you a key to unlock the bike, then you’ll be on your way!
  • INDOOR- During winter and other inclement weather you can still enjoy basketball, hockey, and volleyball!
  • SNOW- sledding, tubing
    Beulah Beach is fortunate to have some of the best sledding hills around. If you’re coming out in the winter, make sure you grab a sled and hit the slopes for some fun snow action. We have many different sleds that we’ll be happy to let you use!

$ - activity requires additional fee - download activity fee list